About Us

Fun Co. Insurance is born to bring you the best insurance coverage for your entertainment rides and products.

What we offer

Fun Co. Insurance offers innovative insurance solutions to the entertainment device marketplace.

Who we are

We are underwriters and brokers. Currently we act on behalf of Lloyd’s of London to manage the only available program dedicated to specific models of mechanical bulls, zip lines, rock walls and similar devices. We supplement that with access to brokerage markets and a continual search for better products to provide coverage for responsible operators within the industry.

The service and coverage I received from Fun Co. Insurance and David Wash couldn’t have been any better.


Fun Co. Insurance

FunCo_About_Us_David_WashDavid Wash has a 25 year history in the insurance industry. He spent 10 years with top 100 Agency and at 28 became the youngest Partner in the firm’s history. David left in 1998 to form Excel Underwriters Alliance, a brokerage firm specializing in Professional Lines.

By 2005, Excel had launched a sister company, Spirit Underwriters, an actual underwriting company. These businesses thrived and succeeded until they were acquired by a publicly traded entity in early 2010.

After the transition, David left to form Zodiac Insurance Services, Inc. David has held authorities for 4 separate A rated insurers, including Lloyds. He holds non-resident and surplus lines licenses in over 40 states.

He travels frequently to London and New York to meet with markets, and has expanded this section of his company to include a dedicated underwriter, Jennifer Knox, as well as a full support staff. David’s availability to clients and relentless work ethic has made him the right person to lead an effort in this challenging marketplace.

We are now proudly partnering with John M. Glover Insurance Agency to provide additional coverages for property, vehicles and workers compensation.

Lloyd’s of London


Unlike many other insurance brands, Lloyd’s is not a company; it’s a market where our members join together as syndicates to insure risk. Much of Lloyd’s business works by subscription, where more than one syndicate takes a share of the same risk. Business is conducted face-to-face between brokers and underwriters in the Underwriting Room.

When we talk of Lloyd’s, we’re really referring to two distinct parts. The market, which is made up of many independent businesses, and the Corporation of Lloyd’s, which is there –broadly speaking– to oversee that market. These parts are distinct, but far from independent. Both work closely to maintain high standards of performance across the market .

Our Lloyd’s partners have been a key component to the program’s success thus far. Lloyd’s interests are purely underwriting success –if operators are safe and the program is profitable, Lloyd’s will stay in for years to come. Because it is a syndicated market. Lloyd’s is not subject to the normal whims and internal politics that plague US companies and destroy programs in their infancy.